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Modified for optimum performance, ALKIMI harnesses our most powerful force; nature, and engineers it to create advanced, highly effective home cleaning products that work with nature, not against it. This is Nature Engineered.

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We work obsessively to make the best, most effective plughole care products. From clearing and preventing blockages to cleaning and sanitising, we simply get the job done.

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We exist to help you sit back relax and smell the roses, not the contents of your bin. Our products always keep bins fresh and clean for days, eliminating smells and soaking up mess.

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Gleaming reviews from our quality customers

Changing the way you clean

Always does the job

Works every time.


Bathroom Unblocker

Better than the rest

Much easier to use AND more cost effective than other over-the-counter products

Cost effective

This works really well and is more cost effective than some of the liquid cleaners.

Does an incredible job

Smells absolutely wonderful and works incredibly well.

Karen Baxter (Amazon)

Kitchen Cleaner

Easy squirty nozzle, pleasant smell

Gary Johnson

Clean & Fresh Gel

Good results

Just what I have been looking for for ages. It really works and gives a good result. I would happily recommend it.

Thumbs up

I was sceptical this would be as good as my usual cleaner but it did the job fine and smelt ok. Would definitely use this again, a thumbs up from me.

Helsr (Ocado)

Bathroom Cleaner

Will buy again

Smells Nice. Very happy with it, will definitely buy again.

Removes burnt on stains!

Much more effective than other hob cleaners for removing burnt on stains.

Lubby (Ocado)

Hob Cleaner

Give it a go!

It cleans so Well with no harsh chemicals. Well worth a try.

Susan Waugh (Amazon)

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Amazing scent!

Love bin buddy – the scent is amazing.

Lauren Muir

Fresh Citrus

KNAUS™ has been specifically engineered for high-performance cleaning of everyday household appliances. We continue to develop new ways to clean, protect and maintain everyday technology.

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Crock & Kitchen is a highly effective range of specialist cleaners for the toughest jobs around the home. From stubborn stains to grime and limescale, Crock & Kitchen delivers fast results.

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Excellence by nature since 1983, Wheelers delivers natural furniture polishes and creams. Utilising natural waxes and plant based creams, our all natural cleaners ensure every sufrace sparkles.

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