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Advanced high- performance cleaner Recommended for most coffee machines including pod, bean to cup, espresso, percolators etc. Removes bean oil, bacteria, grime, stains and general build up. Use regularly to help keep your machine working efficiently and prolong its life.


For cleaning machine, make a solution using 1/3 of bottle (100g) and 1 litre of warm water then follow manufacturers cleaning instructions.

For soaking parts, make a solution using 1/3 of bottle (100g) and 1 litre of warm water then soak tank or parts for 30 minutes, rinse, dry and replace.

For external cleaning, sprinkle onto a damp cloth or sponge and gently wipe areas. Test on an area first. Always rinse machine and parts thoroughly after all cleaning.

Use Knaus Coffee Machine Descaler to remove Limescale/Calcium build-up. Caution. Always check the manufacturers guidelines for cleaning.

Gleaming reviews from our customers

Changing the way you clean

Seems to have done a great job!

Affacake (Ocado)

Coffee Machine Cleaner

Shines and cleans

This is a brilliant product for any job, I travel with it to use abroad in our holiday home, it shines and cleans as it says. Do try it as it’s a must.

Whoopsie (Ocado)

Hob Cleaner

Looks brand new again!

My cooker & extractor had tiny rust spots all over after using the wrong cleaner, and this removed them all making it look brand new again! Which no other cleaner could do. Highly recommended.

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