Multi-Purpose Descaler

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Multi-Purpose Descaler

Kitchen Cleaners



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High performance powerful cleaners for everyday technology and appliances.

Directions for use:

Kettles: Boil half a kettle of water, place in the sink or on the sink drainer & add 75ml of product. Allow to work for 15 minutes, empty and rinse before use.

Irons: Ensure iron is cold & empty. Add 75ml of product & top up to full with warm to hot water, leave for 10 minutes, empty & rinse through.

Coffee Machines: Add 50ml of product to machine & top up reservoir with cold water. Run the manufacturer’s cleaning cycle. Empty any remaining water & fill with fresh water, run manufacturer’s cleaning cycle again to flush machine thoroughly.

Gleaming reviews from our customers

Changing the way you clean


Can’t praise this enough absolutely the best one I have ever used.


Loved hearing the scale sizzle away. Kettle came up brand new!

Shines and cleans

This is a brilliant product for any job, I travel with it to use abroad in our holiday home, it shines and cleans as it says. Do try it as it’s a must.

Whoopsie (Ocado)

Hob Cleaner

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