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Shiny Surface Cleaner

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Alkimi Shiny surface powerful, natural cleaning ingredients that are tough on everyday dirt in your home, without the needs for harmful chemicals. Keep your surfaces shiny using the power of nature and smells great.

Non-toxic formulations powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.

Leaves stainless steel, white goods, and ceramic hobs gleaming.

Made with natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly Alternatives to petrochemical solvents.

Lemongrass extract, research on the anti-microbial properties of this oil suggests that lemongrass can inhibit the growth of bacteria internally and externally of the body. Bergamot oil is believed to exhibit anti-bacterial and anti-septic effects.

Made without parabens, phthalates, mean, DEA, Glycol solvents and ethers, chlorine, formaldehyde, artificial dyes or colours.

Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Made in the UK.

Gleaming reviews from our customers

Changing the way you clean

Natural for the kitchen

It cleans well, and I like the fact that it is natural ingredients for the kitchen.

A John (Amazon)

Shiny Surface Cleaner

Just wow!

Well… just wow. It works so well and smells so nice!

C. Robson (Amazon)

Shiny Surface Cleaner

Tried it on every shiny surface

I love it. Free from nasty chemicals and works well. I’ve tried it on every shiny surface and it’s great. It also smells lovely.

WarriorLass (Ocado)

Shiny Surface Cleaner

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